Tom's Story
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This Page is Dedicated to Tom and his love for His Collie "Luke"

Tom and Sam get to know Lachlan
It is time to go home

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting a very special boy by the name of Tom. We first heard of Tom on a Television News Report appealing for help to find his lost Collie. It was his eleventh birthday and all he wanted for his birthday was to get  Luke back. Luke was his 4yr old dog that was stolen from his back yard in June 2003.They had been inseperable.
Tom was devastated when Luke went missing and set about looking for him, he made up flyers and put them everywhere in the neighbourhood, visited every pound and refuge he could repeatedly and every night after school he walked the neighbourhood.
In September his parents found him with a jar of money, he had been saving all his pocket money to get a reward for Luke. His parents helped him save up more, then his father got a job in NSW and the family had to move so they contacted the media in a last ditch attempt to find Luke before they left. As we later found out they were all missing Luke terribly.
The television story brought many offers of help from people who offered time searching to a lady who offered money to increase the reward. The family were overwhelmed by everyones kindness, they looked at many collies but none of them was Luke.
We decided that Tom needed to be able to move on and made an offer to give him a puppy. Tom was delighted and his family came to meet the puppy a tricolour male, who turned out to be very closely bred to Luke which pleased Tom no end. The television crew came with them and we all featured on the news that night. Each time the journalist mentioned Luke Toms eyes filled up with tears. He was delighted with the new puppy and they loved each other immediately.
The puppy had to remain with us until the next weekend as they had to make the trip interstate to organise their new house. Dring the week they decided to call the puppy Lachlan. Saturday came and an excited Tom had one more sleep to go, then on Sunday morning the agent rang to say they could not have the house for another week. So poor Tom had to leave Lachlan here another week. It was the longest week of his life.
Then another setback the house was to be delayed another two weeks, this time the family was determined to get the puppy with them so booked into a pet friendly resort where the puppy could be safe until the house was available.
So last Sunday a very happy boy arrived to take his puppy home. He is still hoping that someday, somehow Luke will return but in the meantime he has a smile back on his face and Lachlan to love.
We will be following Tom and Lachlan and updating this page with their progress.

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